Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Technic "Steampunk" Motorcycle

Name of Model: Fatasse 1929 with Y9 'MaxOverBlown' engine
Created by: ~:Lola:~ who is on flickr and MOCPages
Found at: or
Details: Every once in a while, someone does away with the goofiness of fanciful airships and instead does something "steampunk"-ish by actually doing something great with a Victorian-era technical idea. Sure, things can look cool if they're using that style, but it'd have to actually run on a boiler to really hit the spot.

To be honest, I'm not up-to-speed on the topic enough to know if this is truly based on the design used in 1929 in a failed attempt at setting a new motorcycle landspeed record (a few quick Google searches didn't turn up anything decisive). This model, though, looks like it has the right amount of detail and could compete nicely with most of the official motorcycle kits. The engine in particular is very well fleshed out.

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