Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A New Kind of Tracked Racing Vehicle

Name of Model: Malicious Bane
Created by: SerratedSyringe
Found at:
Details: One end of the larger - one stud wide - Technic bushings can fit directly between the studs on the top of a brick or plate. Do that a few dozen times, connect each plate to a pair of 1x2 bricks with two Technic holes, and connect those holes with loose Technic axles connected by 1x3 half-stud-wide liftarms - and presto, you have a fantastic set of high-traction giant treads. Putting the treads around wheels makes them fully functional. Elsewhere, we see Bionicle bit seamlessly integrated into the vehicle - the angled fins in the back are particularly effective, and connected to a stretch of rigid hose. It's hard to pull off a racing vehicle with this many appendages, but this one manages to do the trick.

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