Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NCLUG at Enchanted Airlie

Name of Event: Enchanted Airlie
Created by: NCLUG
Found at: http://www.nclug.us/index.php/2010/12/airlie-gardens-display-photos/
Details: Since I already did a round-up for my LUG (LEGO Users Group) this weekend, it's time for some shameless ripping off of myself. Hey, it's Monday - a day I took off - already and we're still talking about Sunday. So why aren't you reading the round-up yet? In the interest of not doubling the content for this already-past event (I'm only going to be updating the NCLUG site with additional links should they come up), I'm just going to direct you to the event's recap page on the NCLUG website.

Video above by Joe Meno of BrickJournal magazine.

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