Sunday, November 14, 2010

King of Diamonds 3D Mosaic

Name of Model: King of Diamonds
Created by: Marin Stipkovic
Found at:
This may be the most unique mosaic we've seen in quite some time. Coming in at around 3 studs thick, this is full of details and unusual techniques. Red clip plates hold flex-tube casings (which have been used as thin rigid hoses in a variety of sets more recently) which form the letter K as connected by minifig hands here. Using a variety of small parts, more hoses, and a generous amount of hinge plates makes the body look particularly impressive. I particularly like the way arch pieces are attached on an angle to make the blade of the King's weapons. This piece has since been sold to LEGO's Community Operations Manager, Jan Beyer, who decided he wanted it for his office after he saw it at Kockice Expo 2010.

We never did end up rounding up Kockice Expo 2010, due to lack of links - since we're discussing the event again now, though, it's probably time to bring out the few we did find. Here are the links we've had stashed from that event:
Matija Grguric's flickr photos of his contribution
Brick Town Talk article on Matija Grguric's models
We're going to go ahead and call this Saturday AND Sunday's model of the day. It's about time we stopped falling behind, and the Kockice 2010 photos are certainly worth counting as a second day (even though there are "only" a few hundred of them)

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