Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MadBrick 2010

Name of Event: MadBrick 2010
Found at: ? (I haven't been able to find an official link - photos of the event can be found at the links below.
For reasons unknown to me, there have been increasingly more LEGO events overseas lately that aren't getting much of any attention on the internet. News about shows doesn't seem to be getting out as much in advance, making it a bit confusing when the photos show up online afterwards. This also poses an issue for our efforts to keep the BrickJournal shared calendars up to date - we can't let everyone else know about an event if we don't know about it ourselves.

Anyway, it turns out that on October 9th, there was a LEGO show Madrid, Spain called MadBrick 2010. Here's a mini-roundup of photo links:

MicroJavi's Brickshelf Gallery
AlIeNiGeNa's Brickshelf Gallery (if you only have time for one gallery - make it this one, it covers the widest variety of models)
legospain's Brickshelf Gallery

Congrats on a good show - just let us know ahead of time next year so that we can send our readers your way.

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