Sunday, October 24, 2010

LEGO World Zwolle 2010 Round Up

Name of Event: LEGO World 2010
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As I mentioned last Monday, LEGO World 2010 in Zwolle is now underway. The size of this thing is a bit hard to comprehend - this event actually features a full roster of musical guests, in addition to official LEGO displays and hobbyist (AFOL, or Adult-Fan-Of-LEGO) layouts. Here's an attempt at rounding up what's out there. Since this event is still in progress, we'll keep updating this page as we find out more. We'll also be trying to cover a few individual models from the show soon.

Vincent Kessels's flickr photos
rtvoost's flickr photos
Mark's LEGO Projects' flickr photos
RobinFotografeert's flickr photos

This event is not to be confused with the other LEGOWORLD event in Denmark (I'm not sure why they haven't tried to differentiate the names more), which we rounded up back in February. We also rounded up LEGO World Zwolle 2009.

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