Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cassette Tape

Name of Model: 80's Audio Tape by LegoManiac
Created by: LegoManiac (LEGO13 manager)
Found at:
Details: This almost double-size sculpture of a cassette tape isn't entirely purist, but it is pretty clever. Technic half-pins with a stud on the end flip the direction of the studs upside-down so that the same curved elements can be used for the top and the bottom. The clear section in the middle is another interesting trick - since LEGO actually uses a mold without a center tube for translucent and transparent parts, you can use two of them (one upside-down) to create a small compartment of sorts. Inside that area, black paper is used to create the look of the actual magnetic tape. A few stickers complete the model. Surprisingly, only 100 parts were used.

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