Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vestas Promotional Display

Name of Model: unknown
Photos by: Mike Walsh, Melonkernel, and LegoEH0520 (Sorry, no separate flickr set for that last one)
Found at: various places, click the above links for photos
Details: In late 2008, many LEGO fans were disappointed that they wouldn't be able to order the Vestas-employee exclusive Vestas wind turbine set that LEGO made. More recently, a LEGO/Vestas display surfaced in an airport in Sweden, which might not be the only such display. The display makes an interesting use of mixed scales, featuring a miniland-scale dollhouse, a minifig-scale layout, and larger sculptures.

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-dsr- said...

There is another Vestas display at the See Science Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. (It's about five feet away from the 3 million LEGO piece replica of the Manchester Mill Yard.)