Sunday, September 12, 2010

LUGNUTS' The Scuzz And The Fuzz Roundup

Name of Model: Volkswagen Passat
Created by: Mad physicist
Round up found at:
Details: It's time for another LUGNUTS' roundup. This past month, the flickr-based car building club's monthly challenge theme was "the scuzz and the fuzz" - a sort of police and criminals theme. As usual, it's brought up a great set of car models in a variety of scales. My personal favorite that is not by lego911 (a great builder but he's not the only LUGNUT deserving of our attention) is this Volkswagen Passat, based on the unmarked vehicles frequently used for undercover surveillance in the Netherlands. There's often a few clever takes on a theme that keep all the cars from being too similar (although in the case of this challenge, there were enough options that there wasn't much overlap in what people actually built), and this completely unmarked vehicle looks great without looking like too much of a police car.

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