Friday, October 1, 2010


Name of Model: Lego Elephant (MOC)
Created by: Wami Delthorn
Found at:
Details: Coming in surprisingly close to minifig scale, this elephant is a great alternative to the official (and now hard-to-find) elephant from a few years back. The most unusual element here, the Cylinder Hemisphere 3 x 3 Ball Turret, makes for great feet. The slopes work out just right, and all of the other extremities came out great too - the two tusks use small spike elements, a 3-long axle forms the tail, and click hinges get the proper (and pose-able!) trunk look. Did I mention that the legs are built upside-down and connected through Technic pins to create joints? That feature is shown off in some fun riding Spartan photos of this model (the cart for riding the elephant isn't bad either, but isn't historically accurate).

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