Sunday, August 22, 2010

LEGO at Star Wars Celebration V Round-Up

Name of Event: Star Wars Celebration V
Created by: Lucasfilm, with LEGO displays provided by LEGO, GFLUG, and whoever else brought LEGO
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The video here wraps up the big action - the costumes, the models and sculptures, the mosaic. Here are links to some more photos and other coverage (inevitably, some include non-LEGO content that is merely Star Wars related):
Official video and news release (video embedded above)
Wired GeekDad: Celebrating Star Wars Brick By Brick & Lego’s Star Wars Mural Time-Lapse Video
JRBooth's flickr photos
GFLUG: Star Wars Celebration V flickr group pool
mhuffman's flickr photos
robstormer's flickr photos
adam16bit's flickr photos
jjackowski's flickr photos
legoriki's flickr photos
shadeofmelon's flickr photos
Darkace's flickr photos

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