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Details: Normally I try to pick a robotics-based model to feature on Monday, but today, the best recent Mindstorms item to point you toward is actually an online magazine. Generally, the magazine I plug here is BrickJournal, which is available in print and published in English. However, Hispabrick Magazine (which is published online and aimed at the Spanish-speaking LEGO fan community - and can now be read/downloaded in an English version) is increasingly becoming noteworthy as well. The most recent issue, 008, is focused on Mindstorms NXT. Several members of the Mindstorms Community Partners team are profiled, and there are also interviews with Eric Albrecht (aka Blakbird) of Technicopedia fame and even current heir to the LEGO dynasty Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen himself.

Interestingly, in spite of the Spanish-speaking focus, some of the articles cover people and models from places that don't speak English or Spanish.

In addition to the great Mindstorms coverage, there are also plenty of non-robotics articles in this issue (and previous issues) as well - so if we skip day or two of blogging here (in favor of getting more going at BrickFair), consider this to be the "model" for the missing days as well.

You can view or download the magazine in English and/or Spanish from the link above.

Now, if only we could buy Hispabrick English in BrickJournal-style print compendiums...

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Jetro said...

First of all, thank you for posting our magazine on your blog.

Hispabrick Magazine started out as a magazine for and by Spanish speaking AFOLs, but we soon learned AFOLs from other countries and areas were interested in it as well. As a consequence, issue 002 featured a number of articles in both Spanish and English, and as of issue 003 there is a complete English edition available for download as PDF, which can also be read online at a print-on-demand service in case you prefer having a physical copy of the magazine.

Due to this larger interest the magazine has also become more internationally focused and we are happy to receive contributions from anyone who wishes to write something for the magazine.

The idea of preparing a compendium has actually never crossed our minds. I'm not sure there's enough demand for that to warrant the work it'd require, but who knows...