Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Sculptural BrickFilm: Metamorphosis

Name of Model: Metamorphosis
Created by: David M Pickett (fallentomato on flickr)
Found at:
Builder's blog entry:
Details: It's time for another entry into the genre of Brickfilms made with LEGO sculptures and stop motion animation. This time, we get to see all of the in-progress photos right off the bat - when you're done watching the video here (40 seconds of great LEGO and animation work), check out the builder's webpage and flickr set for this model (linked above) to see each thing the LEGO becomes and photos of transformations in progress. Frequently, stop-motion animation is made with only a handful of the LEGO parts assembled at any given time - in this case, it looks like the entire thing was built at once. The effect in the side-by-side still photos of each series of models is almost better than the animation itself. You can lose perspective of what you're seeing when the transformations go by so quickly in the video, and the stills bring out the action.

As an added bonus, this ends with a nice studs-up mosaic of the LEGO logo. A mosaic, sculptures, and stop-motion video! This sort of clever combination of themes makes me wonder why some people never venture beyond building in just one or two themes.

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