Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pelingrad Castle

Name of Model: Peligrad
Created by: Reejoc
Found at:
Based (somewhat loosely) on PeleĊŸ Castle in Romania, this minifig-scale Castle layout is a nice mix of traditional (Renaissance Revival or Neo-Renaissance) architecture and LEGO detailing. The unusual mix of roof techniques here is particularly eye-catching - one dome is built out in all directions like yesterday's sculpture, while angled plates top a turret and standard slope bricks cover the bulk of the roofing duties. The use of fences and exterior trim on the windows looks great and adds a bit more variety than the standard lattice window elements that LEGO makes. There's even a gorgeous courtyard!

There's also an unusual footprint to this model (instead of just a certain amount of baseplates in a rectangle), and the standard mottled walls to give that realistic stone look.

Two techniques to note in particular: engine blocks as column capitals and 1x2x1 panels stacked as a decorative support.

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