Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interiors For A Doll House

Name of Model: Dollhouse WIP 2010
Created by: Heather LEGOgirl
Found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heather_legogirl/sets/72157624340293253/with/4687471904/
Details: Country Kitchen The name of the photo set may say that this is a WIP (Work-In-Progress), but the photos sure look like they show finished models. The furniture looks excellent and the rooms are surprisingly detailed. In the kitchen shot (above), you can see channel bricks used to create texture on the walls (which also make use of tan 1x6x5 panels - an excellent piece that has shown up in Pick-A-Brick recently). For the stove's burners, 2x2 turntable bases were used. The chair is a neat design too - the studs face the front of the chair, but are covered in tiles. The result looks very un-LEGO but still only uses very basic parts. The kitchen also features great techniques for a table, blinds, an opening microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher, and even a cornice. The next room shows us how to do a lamp, shelves, dresser, and aquarium at this scale (the "dollhouse" scale this builder uses is very close to Scala scale and the scale used in Miniland). Then there's the desk, desk lamp, and chair further into that room. Next to the bed (which shows off a cheese-slope technique for pillows, as well as dark tan paneling on the foot board), we see a roll top desk (how the heck?!?).

All of that was great. There's also a garage, though. The workbench features a peg board, tools, a saw, and a birdhouse. Under the bench, we can see paint cans and a chain saw (these little details really sell these as realistic scenes - did you catch that sponge in the kitchen?). The other side has a washer, dryer, and toolbox.

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