Friday, June 4, 2010

Remote Control Boat Floats with Bionicle Canisters

Name of Model: Boat
Created by: mahjqa
Found at:
Details: We've seen a few remote-control LEGO boats before (even one other that eschewed common "really floats" parts), but never one that used Bionicle canisters as a flotation device. Yes, kids, you can try playing with floating LEGO creations even if you don't have one of those big expensive "floating boat" kits (We do not recommend that anyone puts electronic LEGO elements near water. Experiment at your own risk). Although this set of photos is only named "boat", it looks like there are photos of multiple boats there - more inspiration for how we could use these plastic canister packages to win those competitive boat races that are increasingly common at LEGO fan conventions!

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mahjqa said...

There's even video.

Thanks for the blog!