Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Tower Palace II - A Fully Landscaped Minifig-Scale Castle

Name of Model: Tower Palace II - Full Landscape
Created by: José Proença - ztp
Found at:
Details: This beautiful minifig-scale castle makes good use of studs-not-on-top techniques to make it stand out (well, that, and a healthy amount of distinctive landscaping built with his daughter). A common complaint about large castle is the "big grey wall problem" - sometimes you end up with a rather large, plain surface that is impressive in scope but not terribly interesting in appearance. Here, we see both studs and tiles (inside of arches) facing outwards to add more texture to the walls and break up the big bluish grey ("bley") walls.

Some other interesting details include a wagon carrying away a captive (note the reins for the horses), a shepherd with a flock (that scared look is perfectly placed - he just spotted the invading army), a knight lit on fire by a dragon, and a mermaid kicking her tail in the tide.

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