Thursday, May 13, 2010

Studies in Shapes and Patterns

Name of Model: Shapes and Patterns
Created by: eilonwy77
Found at:
Details: While interesting techniques using studs-not-on-top elements seem to be fairly common, there aren't that many times where we see someone do something interesting based on multiples of the same few studs-not-on-top parts. Here, we see some examples of interesting things that can be done with headlight bricks and bricks with studs on their sides. That new arch element is also used effectively here. These patterns can be used for a variety of projects - officially, LEGO has recommended using them as coasters, and more popularly, they can be used for walls and floors in buildings. Sometimes, it's just fun to work out the geometry and see what patterns you can make without a specific project in mind. There are 14 photos to see in this flickr set.

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Katie said...

And they are just plain fun to build, at least for me.

...I've read your blog for awhile now, but never expected to be in it... so thanks! :-)