Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blacktron Intelligence Agency

Name of Model: Blacktron Intelligence Agency
Created by: bdarrow
Note that I skipped the "Found At" links in the section I usually fill in above. That's because this model is so huge, it requires its own round-up style post. This very large layout is only ever seen at LEGO fan conventions - it cannot be assembled in its creators own home. As it grew over the years, it became a legend on it's own. Known as the Blacktron Intelligence Agency (BIA for short), it's the ultimate in fully assembled cities for official LEGO themes (this is based on the original 1987 Blacktron line).

Here are some Brickshelf galleries by the builder showing how it grew over time:

BIA circa 2004
BIA circa 2005
BIA circa 2005 July
BIA circa 2006
BIA circa 2007
BIA circa 2008

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