Thursday, April 22, 2010

Size Matters

Name of Model: Size matters
Created by: crises_crs
Found at:
After featuring several models in a row with a fairly large footprint, it's time to feature a small vignette. A small, short, tiny, very self-conscious vignette, because you shouldn't feel bad about building something clever that isn't large and dramatic. We all build something small once in a while - it happens to everyone. Particularly everyone who isn't trying to show off how many parts they've bought (while we try to avoid showcasing models that seem to exist purely to show that their builder can afford to make them, there are quite a few of them out there). Sometimes, someone builds something small that is just as clever and worth sharing due to building techniques, or it's something small that could be part of something bigger. Then there are cases like this, when someone manages to capture something perfectly without breaking 10 inches (or ~25 cm) across. It's not easy to put together an accurate bit of constructive criticism in LEGO form, but here it is - proof that we need to keep looking at smaller creations, which are often just as great as (or better than) larger models.

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