Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nnenn's Vic Vipers

Name of Model: Vic Vipers
Created by: nnenn
Found at:

The LEGO fan community was recently shocked to learn of the passing of Nnenn. Nnenn was primarily a space builder, and his influence is seen in the Vic Viper craze (which he started singlehandedly). For today's model, I'm featuring this set of Vic Vipers he made in NoVVember 2009.

We've featured Nnenn's work several times over the past few years. While he didn't build in that many genres, he was very prolific, and his spaceship designs have been surprisingly influential. The high quality of his photographs made him stand out to the fledgling LEGO blog community, and once he became more established he was featured frequently on a variety of blogs, allowing him to influence a broader set of LEGO fans than most of us do. He will be missed, although it appears (looking over some of those other blogs today) that we will be re-naming the rubber band holder piece after him.

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EDIT 4/15: An even more definitive wrap-up of the community's thoughts can be found at

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