Friday, April 9, 2010

Minifig-scale "Elm castle"

Name of Model: Elm castle
Created by: gearcs
Found at:
What happens when you combine clever landscaping, Tudor architecture, a guard post of a Castle, and the classic 1987 Forestmen LEGO theme? This Elm castle, that's what! The tower itself is just gorgeous, full of minor architectural details. You can see turntable bases attached with clips to create the appearance of an ornate fence, plates with teeth used to add realistic dimension to cross-struts, and even the walls are tiled on top to avoid showing LEGO studs. The inlaid mosaic water, while a common technique, looks excellent here. A log bridge provides access across the river. The heavy use of lion gargoyles and arches on one side is an unusual choice that actually works really well. If the big details weren't enough for you, look down into the fully tiled interior of the castle walls, smoothed out entirely with 1x1 tiles. lets While this may be a bit too visible near the edge of a forest, the castle itself is quite impressive and fully featured (Did I mention the drawbridge and mottled dark grey for a brick texture?)

On that last drawbridge shot, another interesting technique you can see is the use of a panel where the chains go into the wall - the result is a smaller and smoother spot for the chain to pass through.

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