Sunday, April 11, 2010

LEGO World Show Programs

Name of Model: LEGO World Shows 1-8
Created by: LEGO-employed master builders, including Kirsten Kristensen
Found at:
Details: Recently, Brickset announced that they are hosting LEGO World Show programmes from the 1980s. Photos and English-language descriptions are included for a variety of models from LEGO World Show tours in 1980's. So far all of these are from Australia. These cover a variety of themes, but most of the models are large sculptures. The sculptures themselves are to the usual standard of quality we've come to expect from LEGO's models shops, but the colors are much simpler than what you'd see at today's LEGOLAND parks - the color palette is limited to what was actually available in the 1980's. This means that the trees use large bricks intended as baseplates (green LEGO bricks weren't available until the mid-90's, and even many now familiar leaves and plants weren't available yet), brown creatures are built in bright red, people are yellow (tan wouldn't be available for another decade, never mind the flesh colored bricks that the model shops have exclusively today), and in many places details look chunkier than you'd expect because more specialized parts hadn't been manufactured yet. In a weird way, it plays up the nostalgia element of how some people think of LEGO - all bright colors and blocky creations. The photos aren't too easy to link to, but all of the (many! - this is a "Sunday edition", after all) photos are worth a look.

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