Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bricks By the Bay Round-Up

Name of Event: Bricks By the Bay
Run by: Bill Ward
Found at: (photos at other links below)

The first Bricks By the Bay LEGO convention happened last weekend (no word yet on when or where the second such event will be). If you've been following this blog for a while, you know what that means - it's post-convention round-up time!
Bricks By The Bay Flickr group (with any luck all of the BBTB photos will find their way here eventually)
Recap on Bill Ward's blog
Recap on Mariann Asanuma's blog (part 2)
Flickr photos from Model Gal (Mariann Asanuma)
MOCPages wrapup by Alex Eylar
Adrian Egli's flickr photos
CNET Slideshow (with audio)
SuperBagel's flickr set
karlongchan's flickr set
Gravit8's flicker set

In the interest of not duplicating photos, I've tried to skip mentioning flickr sets of photos that are accounted for in the Bricks By the Bay Flickr pool. Feel free to send any links I've missed in to

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