Thursday, February 4, 2010

Schirra Colony, Mars

Name of Model: Schirra Colony, Mars
Created by: -Mainman-
Found at:
Did you catch that the new Buzz Lightyear kit (7592 Construct-a-Buzz) comes with a new, rounder clear dome element? It turns out that this new element makes a pretty nice biosphere, handy for all your 8-stud by 9-stud microscale space colony needs (two of the outer section, anyway - the inner section isn't used here and is designed to move upward in the set). That trick, a few nifty buildings, some gorgeous landscaping in dark orange, and a clever 12-tooth-gear-on-levers satellite dish are all it takes to make a surprisingly powerful Martian scene. I've previously enjoyed this builder's work even though I have not featured him before - you can see additional spectacular microscale space creations under the same flickr tag.

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