Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Non-Movie Star Wars Landspeeder

Name of Model: X-34 landspeeder
Created by: Garbageman13
Found at:
Let's face it - it's an incredibly difficult to build a true MOC (My Own Creation) in the Star Wars theme. Everything tends to be a minor modification to make things "more like the real one" even though the "real one" is part of a fictitious movie universe. To the extent that we see "civilian" characters in a Star Wars set-up, it's because the diorama that shows off the realistic true-to-the-movie vehicles, creatures, and other elements is so large and full of landscaping that it needs filler. Many an impressive Star Wars themed diorama is actually just a display setting for sets (not that there's anything wrong with your giant layout of Hoth or Endor - but you could certainly put those snow and forest building skills to more creative uses). What we have here today, though, is that rare model that exists in the Star Wars universe but doesn't try to tether itself to a specific movie/comic/video game idea or claim to merely be "inspired by" something. This is a nice-looking landspeeder in a rare color showing off some original greeble-work. Sure, at some level it's similar to the Luke's Landspeeder kit. It's not Luke's, or any other major characters', though - it's somebody else's. It's not easy to try to parallel a kit but still come up with a unique creation (using whatever parts you have on hand in a rare color makes it even more of a challenge), but this model succeeds on that front.

Normally, I'd delve into techniques here a bit, but this model's actually not a difficult build (again, if you actually have the parts). Well-placed jumper plates, 1x4-1x2 brackets, and 1x1 bricks with Technic holes are really all it took. In spite of all the time I spend talking about crazy techniques, sometimes a model can turn out well even if it is fairly simple to construct.

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