Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dutch farm

Name of Model: Nederlandse Boerderij
Created by: Neverrroads and McBricker
Found at:
This model of a Dutch farm is part of a display for an event hosted by the The Dutch Water Museum. They have a LEGO exhibit running through the end of the month. The photos above on flickr aren't from the builder of the windmill (Neverroads, whose windmill can be seen on Brickshelf), but they do show some more views of the layout (and to the best of my knowledge, McBricker created the rest of this layout). It's a great layout overall, but there are a few specific highlights I'd like to point out. Carefully positioned flex tubing gives this farm a trellis and water pump near a trough, staggered small elements give a very realistic texture to walls and roofs (those pigs in that photo are new for this year, and the tan fences are made from more flex tubing - placed in 1x1 Technic bricks), and the trees and landscaping came out looking fantastic.

You can get a better look at McBricker's tractor on Brickshelf.

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