Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pop-Up Book Sculpture

Name of Model: Pop-Up Book
Created by: Nathan Sawaya
Found at:
Printing on LEGO bricks is an interesting grey area. Technically speaking, it's not entirely a purist technique. On the other hand, the LEGO company does print on parts themselves and has all but explicitly encouraged the work of brick printers and engravers like Tommy Armstrong. A big problem is that many things we would like to print aren't entirely legal - if you wanted to print a billboard for your LEGO town, or various company signs and logos to add realism to your creations, you'd have to get permission in writing from whoever actually owns those designs. Popular sculptor Nathan Sawaya has found a very clever way to use this technique, though - he wrote an original poem and had it printed on LEGO tiles. He was then able to build the tiles onto a sculpture of a book, and build a scene in the middle to make it look like a pop-up book. The result is magnificent, and one of the most easy to relate to creations in Sawaya's catalog of sculptures - that Castle is near minifig scale!

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