Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Classroom Vignette

Name of Model: Lego classroom
Created by: benlego
Found at:
This one photo is the only one of this model. At first glance, this model looks like a simple but effective use of the still fairly scarce "kid legs" element. After all, it's just a teacher and two schoolchildren, right? Then you might notice some of the clever scale games - 2x2 tiles turn into books on a shelf, and a few microscale "toys" can be found in the room. Maybe the toy kitchen (perfectly scaled, of course) sticks out. Then you start to notice that nothing is really attached to the tiled floor. The desk and shelves are cleverly built sideways (upside-down in one case, but I can't tell you how clever it is until I figure out just how that was done), and even the toy kitchen is just sitting there. A close look at the boy in the chair reveals the chair's surprising construction and a trick where the kid actually has legs sitting separately in front of his body to make it look like he is sitting down. Perhaps more of a masterpiece of photography than a truly masterful LEGO model (for all its details, can you imagine this thing not falling apart at the slightest bump because of all the loose parts in it?), this is truly an excellent example of what you can do by carefully posing characters and appropriately scaled objects in a LEGO model. Just don't invite kids, pets, or anyone curious about that shelf into the room.

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