Sunday, January 10, 2010

1966 Ford Galaxie Cop Car and Round-Up

Name of Model: Ford Galaxie 1966 Police Interceptor for the Lugnuts 1966 Ford Galaxie competition
Created by: lego911 as a member of Lugnuts
Found at: lego911's Police Interceptor: LUGNUTS roundup:
Today's "model of the day" is the Police car seen to the left here, built by lego911. It was built for a contest on flickr hosted by the Lugnuts group, which is for builders of detailed LEGO cars in a variety of scales. This being one of our larger "Sunday edition" posts, I'm actually featuring the whole Lugnuts 1966 Ford Galaxie competition roundup. Personally, I feel that this particular car is the most handsome design in the bunch, and the cop car approach works well for giving the vehicle personality even though this contest requires that everyone participating builds the exact same make, model, and year of automobile. Some of the other interesting designs included detailing made with Bionicle elements, a yellow convertible, a black beauty with an angled front, and even a decent looking 5-wide tiny turbo.

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