Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mario Sculpture

Name of Model: LEGO Mario : Building of colossal sculpture in less than 20 days
Created by: dm_meister
Found at:
This large sculpture of popular video game star Mario was commissioned by a large game store. It's actually got an interesting schedule ahead of it now. it's currently debuting at the LEGOWORLD LEGO fan convention in the Netherlands. It will be on display there through October 27th. After that, it will be on display at the Game Mania store through 1st November. Beyond that, it will be in the hands of whoever wins an auction for it on eBay (as of this writing, this model is not currently on eBay, but I am told it will be soon). The proceeds of that eBay auction will go to the regional branch of the Ronald McDonald house charities. This is a considerable amount of publicity for one model - maybe he landed on a mushroom first, because he sure seems like a Super Mario now!

Some quick stats on the model itself (copied from one of the photos' descriptions):
* pedestal 30c
* everything is glued
* roughly 1 week making plans
* pedestal : 25 hours of building ( 12,000 pcs) ; 30 x 103 x 52cm
* mario : 160 hours of building ( 30,000 pcs ) ; 150 x 85 x 75cm
* 50 kg
* built in 16 days

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