Thursday, September 17, 2009


Impostors they are, indeed. I've seen several photos of a new brand of building bricks called "Ligao". Folks, this isn't just another MegaBloks or Tyco brand. This "Liagao" has produced sets that are virtual recreations of past Lego ones. The photo of the set to the right here is a mirror image of set #4954. And the set seen below is strikingly similar to set #4837. Go and check the photos out for yourself, see what you think.

Even with my poor understanding of the law, I'm thinking Lego may have a lawsuit on its hands.

1 comment: said...


the audacity!

even the mini-figs look the same!

something out of bizzarro-world but even more of an exact clone

the product packaging and NAMING (eg, CREATOR) are stepping all over LEGO!