Monday, September 14, 2009

End of the Road

Name of Model: End of the Road
Created by: legoadam
Found at: Flickr
"Legoadam" has created a lovely train scene, depicting a rural railhead.

This creation has many aspects that are appealing to me, but the part of this creation that draws me the most is the angled track that has been tiled over in places with light/dark bley 1x1 plates placed around it to mimic ballast.

The structure seen here is exceptional in its own right. It has been constructed by stacking brown plates -- yes, plates. That's devotion, if you ask me. The half stud offsets and use of the new style of doors just adds even more to this structure, still. Another area of the structure that demands a closer inspection is the roof. It appears to be made out of plates and tiles. The roof rests (it may be further secured, hard to tell) at an angle on the walls of the structure, gaps are not present due to the use of the every useful cheese slope.

The landscaping seen here is also commendable, as is the figure placement.

A well put together creation, with a clean, coherent appearance.

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