Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Name of Model: Lamp
Created by: Dan (yours truly)
Found at: http://projectsbydan.blogspot.com/2009/08/lamp.html
It's a little-known secret amongst bloggers who are LEGO fans that we always post our own stuff. It doesn't matter if we've featured 10 things more awesome recently - we're still going to blog everything that we build. I built this lamp quite some time ago, and only recently got around to writing about it. I thought it was about time since this will be on display in a very public way at this year's BrickFair, later this week.

Rather than go on about how clever I am for figuring out that you can build around a socket cord, I'm going to direct you to my personal projects blog at the link above if you want to see my comments about my model. I like to think I've provided enough information that you could go out and build your own lamp - and I've even included building instructions in LDRAW format for part of the model.

Apologies for how disheveled my personal blog looks (I spend more time on this one) - I'm just happy I finally got something written down about one of my own models.

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