Friday, August 7, 2009

Haunting Mecha

Name of Model: Redeemer and destroyer of Worlds
Created by: CrimsonWolf
Found at:
At first glance, this is a haunting and spectacular mecha. Then you look closer, zooming in on the photos to see the various greebled elements. The closer you look, the more surprising the parts are and the more you start to appreciate the brilliant techniques used here. Chains and masks provide startling details while simultaneously appearing to float detached from the model. While there are quite a few spectacular uses of parts in here, my favorite thing about this has to be the way it takes "useless" Robo-Riders elements and gives them new life - a wheel casing is a back, an arm uses that bizarre faux-gear element, and the visor become the top of the mecha's head. After spotting those, the combination of Bionicle joints with Ninja swords doesn't seem all that shocking anymore.

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