Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Microscale White House

Name of Model: Mini White House
Created by: kenobiwanx (this builder also has a LEGO Factory page where you can download instructions and buy models)
Found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kenobiwanx/2995761693/
The White House is one of those classic landmarks that's been done very well many times. It's tempting to say that this one only attracted attention because it was published so close to election day. That would be wrong, though - at just 12 studs wide, this is the one of the smallest White House models out there (as you can see at the links above, the same builder has also made a 6-wide version). If that wasn't enough, the entire thing was built out of parts currently in the LEGO Factory palette and designed with LEGO Digital Designer (free download from LEGO.com) software. There is some pretty clever parts usage too - columns are made from 1x1 bricks with bars, and windows are made from sideways 1x1 studs-not-on-top "headlight" bricks. The 1x1 cheese slopes make a perfect roof on one side, while the other side uses 2x2 macaroni bricks to emphasize the rounded section. Using tiles for the sides works surprisingly well, and you have to love the landscaping - it's just well places lime 1x1 round plates and a variety of tiles.

Instructions can be downloaded from the LEGO website at http://cache.lego.com/upload/Gallery81D4B919-A1F7-4FDD-B69A-3E9D931B7928/82e5cae9-e46b-4de6-8988-0b9663b00bba.lxf . We're not sure why it's not immediately available from the LEGO Shop, but if you have LDD2.0 on your computer, you can download the instructions and buy the parts from there (total should be $13.52 in the USA).

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Benjamin said...

Thanks for featuring my model! I'm glad you like it... ^__^

I just thought I'd mention that even though this white house is pretty small, I made an even smaller one at 6 studs wide. If you click through to my Lego Factory profile above, you can download them both. The 12-stud version is called "Mini White House" and the 6-stud version is called "Micro White House".

The 6-stud version uses 1x2 grill bricks, cheese slopes, a 2x2 round brick with a half-stud offset on the backside, and four exposed studs on top to represent the chimneys on the roof.

Also, if you download and take apart the 12-stud version, you'll see how I managed to elevate the upper set of cheese slopes by half a plate so they'd line up smoothly with the lower slopes by using a SNOT bracket on its side, stuck into the back of two headlight bricks. Tricky stuff... LOL :P