Sunday, September 9, 2007

Working Harpsichord

Name of Model: Harpsichord
Created by: Henry Lim
Found at:
Here's another fun twist on LEGO® sculpture - this one makes use of some wire strings (mild cheating) and TECHNIC elements to provide complete functionality. It's a great-looking sculpture too, but the details of how it works just like any other harpsichord are amazing. Here are some details rom the link above about using unusual parts:
Some of the more whimsical LEGO elements were integrated as well: arches (and inverse arches) for the soundhole, roof slopes for the "curvature" of the internal frame and leg decorations, rubber tires to reduce the "clack" of the keys and jacks, and cloth capes (as worn by the likes of the Hermione Granger minifig) for the dampers.
This is Friday's model of the day.

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