Sunday, September 2, 2007

Village Joust

Name of Model: a village jousting center, includes interiors for the three towers, and can be taken apart by section, more pics will be added soon
Created by: Dan82
Found at:
This detailed village model is a diorama of sorts showing a joust that might take place in medieval times. One nice feature that might not stick out at first is the way that this has been done on an extra large baseplate (15" x 15", for the Americans out there) - the gray color has been almost entirely covered with dozens of green bricks, which give the model a solid but grassy look in between the buildings. The buildings themselves are classy too - I love the way that arches have been used as window awnings here. The spectators here look a little squished, but otherwise this is an effective example of how to fit a large scene on a single baseplate.

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