Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Skeleton Crab

Name of Model: Skeleton Crab
Created by: Count Blockula
Found at:
With the slew of new parts coming out seemingly every season, there are truly never-ending possibilities if you keep your collection up-to-date. This model is one example of what you can do by coming up with another way of seeing the newest parts - the claws for this unusual crab are made out of those new skeleton-horse parts. There's only one picture of this one (making it a bit hard to figure out just how everything is connected), but there's a write-up that's very useful. See, if you look closely you can spot one 1x1 studs-not-on-top brick on the lower end of each horse - those 2 bricks are connected by a 1x6 smooth tile plate underneath. I'm not sure how sturdy this thing is, but this is one clever little model. Clever and scary - it is a skeleton crab, after all!

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