Sunday, August 12, 2007

Microscale Spaceship

Name of Model: bluecruiser
Created by: wintermute
Found at:
This gorgeous microscale spaceship shows part of why microscale building is so appealing - get a load of the bizarre uses for common parts in here! I see a wrench being used as a weapon, two rows of minifig chairs making the outer hull of the craft, hinge parts used as decoration parts on the outside, TECHNIC parts used as weaponry, a few 2x2 turntable bottoms and tons of the newer small slopes. I'm pretty sure that the side craft is using a few obnoxious LEGO® RACERS parts to great effect, and that's before we get into both the side craft and the main cruiser using various wheels and gears as jet engines. I might be seeing a sticker or two here, but that's barely noteworthy next to all the other cool tricks here. In this shot you can even see a Wild West set's log-brick and even a few skid plates used as siding!
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