Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Steam Engine BR24

Name of Model: Steam Engine BR24
Created by: Monteur (who has a number of great trains on that Brickshelf page of his!)
Found at:
The photos here aren't as high-quality as you're used to seeing here, but this model is quite good. From what I can tell, this builder designed his train by mimicking a picture of a particular train from a book. There are lots of great details on this one. I especially love the way he did his wheels with TECHNIC parts. Actually, that hook-up for the front wheel looks pretty clever too. I'm assuming that there's a smooth tile in there that we can't see providing extra support to the model. The only problem with this gorgeous engine is that it is not powered in any way - but then again, there's not a place where any standard LEGO train motor would have fit here anyway.

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