Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Stadoerfla station

Name of Model: The Stadoerfla station
Created by: unknown
Found at:
This gorgeous layout was found at a German LEGO fan event this past January. That's really all I have for concrete info on this, but this is enough of a great model to feature anyway. There are just so many little details here - have a look at those architectural details, and the plants outside - and yet this is at regular minifig-scale. Some of those details were done using massive amounts of fairly obscure parts. In this picture, for example, you can see dozens of studs-not-on-top effects lined up with little turntable bases on them. That round-center tile thing you see there is really just a very large amount of dismantled turntable parts. Just gathering up enough of those parts and separating the tops from the bottoms must have taken months. Of course, that's before we get into the great uses of slopes here, and the colors! Oh, the colors...they're really shocking: note the dozens of sand red minifig legs used as an architectural feature! ...and there's not even a minifig out of place! This is a true masterpiece.

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