Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ironport Appliance

Name of Model: unknown
Created by: Unknown
Found at:
Here's a nifty idea - this IT company decided to promote their server security appliance by giving away LEGO FACTORY sets that resemble their product. I don't know who this was designed by, but it's a clever idea, and it looks like they even got appropriate stickers and a folding front panel. Details like that always help for smaller models. I suspect, though, that the box included in the picture was made by a different manufacturer (so that's "cheating", even though the model looks legit...) but does it matter if it's just a new box?
This is Saturday's model of the day.


Simon Bisson said...

Thanks for linking to my picture. That's the box it came in - a nice touch I thought.

Michael said...

I managed to get one at TechEd as well.

My photo:

There's blurry pictures of the instructions and the printed tile it came with.