Thursday, July 12, 2007

Giant US "Map" Mosaic

Name of Model: Kids create massive Lego map of US
Created by: World Children's Festival
Found at:
I generally try to avoid quoting other blogs on here (in favor of finding more authoritative sources, such as the builders themselves), but I have to make an exception today since BoingBoing is apparently the only news outlet who has been sent pictures of this completed model. An event called the World Children's Festival built a LEGO mosaic map of the U.S. in Washington DC recently. This wasn't done exactly to scale (the buildings on the map are not exact representations of every skyscraper in the country) - but it's a great whimsical model assembled from smaller individual mosaics that were built by hundreds of kids of all ages. 9500 baseplates were used, and I'm assuming that as many people were involved. Does anyone know if this model is still available for public viewing?
UPDATE: A press release is available, but it doesn't have any more photos or display info.
This is Sunday's model of the day.

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