Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Announcement: Brickshelf Down

I was hoping that by waiting a while after I heard this news, I'd come across some good news that proved my original story to be incorrect. However, no progress has been made on the "what will happen next" front, so here is the alarmist version of the post.

Very few of the pictures on this blog are loading right now, and most of the models featured are completely inaccessible now as well. This is because this site, like many other fan-created LEGO sites online, relies on another website called Brickshelf.com . I had been meaning to post on this blog about Brickshelf's woes for quite some time - I'm well aware of the fact that it was impolite for me to hotlink photos from there for this blog, but I figured I'd encourage readers here to donate and I would donate a hefty portion of this site's profits to Brickshelf once this site gets going - but alas, nothing was done here in time, and now it looks like Brickshelf may be gone for good.

What this means for you:

This will result in longer delays on this site. Most of the models that have been featured here will probably not be available for online viewing again. If you were relying on Brickshelf to host your LEGO related programs, videos, pictures, etc, you may have lost your data. Most of the people posting their LEGO models online have lost access to the main place they were sharing their models. This is a fairly large problem for all who care to follow fan-created LEGO models on the internet, and as of yet no solution has been proposed. There are other image-hosting sites out there, but none of them have been hosting what was essentially our library.

UPDATE 7/16: Service has been restored through the 31st to allow people to back up their images.

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Steven said...

Someone told me about it yesterday and I didn't believe him, on top of not going on Brickshelf for a little while. Maybe it'll be an excuse to get a brand new site with tons of bandwidth and add some Web 2.0 stuff.(The site started to age a couple years ago and hasn't been updated since the late 90s). I think the best time to change is now with their woes.