Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sculpted Tugboat

Name of Model: Tugboat
Created by: pjotr
Found at:
Most of us have gotten used to the idea of just using large ship pieces when we want to make a boat of LEGO parts, but this builder decided to go the old-fashioned route and use traditional LEGO bricks to build the ship's hull. The effect looks great for a ship of this size. A closer look reveals some details that involve other parts. Note the use of tires and string (presumably official LEGO string) on the sides of the boat. The rudder looks much the way the ones in official Pirates sets do (although this one does not appear to be connected to a steering wheel). The rails and flags look great here too. I love the use of bendy Space parts to make an upper railing outside of the cabin too. I have a feeling that the inside isn't furnished at all, but all the doors and windows and other such details on the outside look great. There's even a lifeboat ready to be lowered in case of emergency!

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