Thursday, June 21, 2007

Medieval Observatory

Name of Model: Medieval Observatory
Created by: DARKspawn
Found at:
The towers in this gorgeous observatory use grey 1x1 round bricks to great effect to create unique architectural details. There's some more nice sculpted features for the ground, and some greenery by the water. Check out the wine goblets used for the railing at the top of one of the towers. There's also some great assembled trees and some sweet detailing on the building's side (although, this doesn't look too sturdy to me). I can't figure out if these side walls are angled or hinged, but they look great, and I love the way slopes and archs work on the sides. The two telescopes looks like a hoot great too. Because all of that isn't enough for this builder, there's even a vignette of a man being pulled out of a well.
This is Saturday's model of the day.

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