Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Large Mecha

Name of Model: Zat
Created by: Bubbaben
Found at:
This mecha is a nice blend of newer parts with some more traditional LEGO building. From what I can tell, TECHNIC bricks are being used to attach BIONICLE-era ball joints and worm gears to more traditional looking sections. Since the ball joints are doubled up in a few places, they look like they'd be much sturdier but function more like hinges - but then again, you don't get this sort of control when you use regular hinges. This mecha stands nearly 2 feet (0.6096 metres) tall - which makes it the largest non-sculpted mecha I've seen yet (but maybe this has something to do with not being too much of a mecha fan myself...). I love the use of some of the "arm" parts from a handful of older AQUAZONE sets as fingers here. The use of a grey-black-red-dark red color scheme works well too. Does anyone know what parts were used for the "jets" on his back?
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