Friday, May 25, 2007

Steampunk Airship

Name of Model: Radiant Kestrel
Created by: zachmoe
Found at:
I'll be honest - I don't know anything about Steampunk airships. It is pretty clear, though, that some awesome stuff is going on in this model. There's a boat-like base, but a big part of it is upside down (presumably with a bunch of studs-not-on-to action underneath). Antennas hold up propellers, and some Technic parts can be seen holding other parts up. There are some details on the "deck", and even some outlying pods (I guess these are called "greebles" - in any case, they look great and make good use of some unusual parts). A section with steering equipment features some fencing and tiles to make a railing of sorts for the front of the ship. Curved tiles and claws accent a large amount of brown tiles to give it an authentic wooden look with some expensive-looking details. Some of the clever controls really have to be seen to be believed. There's even an interior cabin, complete with a patchwork quilt on the bed. The hinges to get just the right angles inside the cabin are a nice touch too. That's a lot of cool stuff for something that I can't even figure out what it is (readers - feel free to drop a comment and enlighten me).

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