Friday, April 27, 2007

Smooth-lined Spaceship

Name of Model: HombaMkII - A New Version of the Homba 7033
Created by: imhotepidus
Found at:
If you've been following the newer LEGO models and building trends, then you've probably already seen quite a few LEGO models that try to avoid looking like LEGO models. New curved elements go with other large parts, older tiles, and older slopes and suddenly you can have a whole LEGO model with none of the familiar LEGO studs facing outwards. This model is particularly interesting because it uses tiles and arch elements to smooth the outside of the model, but still uses more traditional LEGO "sculpting" techniques to make curvature in the other direction. Also, there are some interesting details (some are custom details, but most are just some of the less common LEGO elements). Oh, and did I mention that it's a cool spaceship!
(This is Wednesday's model of the day.)

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